Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Road Trip!

Shot Gun! What? Wait a minute...I'm always the only adult on road trips...guess that guarantees me a front seat. Oh well! Good enough!

We, the boy and I, are going to visit a friend tomorrow in another state. And while we're there we'll also visit my best-buddy Target and my BFF Coldstone. For the record, it is HIGHLY unfair that I need to travel out of state to see any of them: Jenn, Target OR Coldstone. But, that's okay, it gives us a good reason to get out dodge for a day or two.

ALSO? I'm looking for ideas on a birthday gift for my mom. Throw me anything ya' got...I'm at a loss and she does SO MUCH FOR ME (and even the words SO MUCH FOR ME are an understatement...trust me.) She's not into girlie things...no spa days for her. She loves to garden but I get her a gift card to our local greenhouse for every holiday so I'd like to try for something else this time around. Any ideas? Anyone?

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pmd said...

I have a couple ideas, one sinister, others not so much.
1) Get rid of Stupid Bob
2) What about a kitten?
3) Does she have a cell phone?
4) What about an MP3 player?
5) A scrapbook from the life of her favorite daughter and grandson?