Sunday, September 28, 2008

Running Like the Wind...

...Or maybe just like a very, very mild breeze from having the window open a crack.

Lucas and I have taken up running, in the most liberal sense of the word. We both got new running sneakers, and one of us just bought a new pair of black yoga pants that I thought would be perfect for running due to their completely awesome feature of being virtually tag-less and seamless, which in reality just means there's no drawstring to hold them up if and when I manage to go faster than standing still. We only manage to make it around the block to the apartment unit's mailbox before we have to walk it out a bit, which means we are both out of shape and that I have the endurance of a four year old that's totally not on board with running just for runnings' sake.

Which is to all to say, I dream of running with the wind whipping through my hair and heart pumping, but the reality is that I don't burn enough calories to eat a popsicle by the time we're done.

I need help...any suggestions on how to make this running thing stick? I want Lucas to get some exercise, too, so I don't want to throw him in his jogger, but we need to get further than our apartment complex. My big booty is depending on your good ideas... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Here's my idea: Put him in the jogger so you can move at a faster clip and get the wind blowing in your hair. But plan a couple 'pit stops' where he get out of the jogger and y'all do jumping jacks, sit-ups, touch your toes, etc. That way he still gets som exercise but you get the wind in your hair! And then you can go home and have two popsicles!

pmd said...