Monday, September 8, 2008


I told my son that every day this week was going to be a Grandma Day because I was working a bunch of overtime. He wanted to know what the word "overtime" meant, and I explained that my work would pay me extra extra money to show up and work on my days off.

"I'm gonna miss you when you're gone Mom [sweet, huh?] much money is extra extra? [That's more like it...]

"It's pretty good money, hon...and I'm working a bunch of overtime so it'll be a nice fat check!"

"Oh, yeah! Now I don't have to wish upon a star for the Lego set I can just buy it for me! Isn't that a great idea?!"

Oh sure...I'm not dragging my butt to work for 12 nights in a row just so he can have more toys to trip over. I think it's best he keep wishing on that star, don't you? [Although we all know I'm gonna cave and buy him those very expensive Legos...]


Anonymous said...

You will cave always do. He's got you right where he wants you. :)


pmd said...

TWELVE NIGHTS IN A ROW? When does it end? I'll be over with a pitcher of raspberry-lime margaritas and a toy catalog ;-)

Ms. Single Mama said...

You are an amazing, phenomenal mother. I just can't believe how strong some of us single moms are... this story is just one of those - although brief - that will stick with me forever.


Thanks for sharing this. It'll be over before you know it.