Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best Day Ever

(Photos taken with a cell phone may appear blurrier ((totally a word)) than they actually are.)

Luke's 15 year old Uncle Ben (my little brother) pulled out just a wee tiny bit of his massive Lego collection this week for Lucas to only gaze upon play with gently, and according to Lucas, it was his Best Day Ever. Nothing is as surreal as gazing into your own boy's future simply by seeing your brother's very recent past sprawled out across your mother's carpet.


Kellan said...

YEs - as great day and also a fabulous post!! I loved this!

Hope you have a great Holiday week! See you soon - Kellan

Anna said...

Kellan: Thanks! They just grow up SO DARN FAST! As I'm sure you know taking pictures of your beautiful twins...that are know beautiful young ladies!

pmd said...

I hate to say it, but they look like an atomic bomb wiped them all out.

Anna said...

pmd: mass casualty