Thursday, December 18, 2008


I went to Walmart this evening with my son, against my better judgement but wanting to make peanut butter balls, and as I suspected, it was packed. Navigating weary shoppers leaning heavily on their carts, hearing tired children crying in every isle. It was not the funnest trip.

My mom had made the most delicious baklava in the world and she gave us an entire tray that we snacked on on the way, and Lucas, all hopped up on sugar and honey, could only speak in his MOST LOUDEST VOICE EVER! It was like he had a bullhorn attached to his mouth. Deafening.

We gathered up everything on my list, except all of the things I needed that they didn't have, and headed for the car. As I was unloading the cart my Mom said to me, "Quick, look!" I turned around in time to see my son, light up by the street lamps, with his face turned to the silent sky watching the snow swirl down around him. It made me stop everything, the peacefulness of it after the chaos of the store. He caught us watching and gave a big smile. "I thought I was about to fly," he said, "It was like magic." Oh! I hugged him so hard he told me I was "squishin' his belly." What an excellent way to end my night.


Anonymous said...

What a cherished moment! Make it one of those 'minute vacations' when life is whirling all around. I will, too!

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy said...

I need to make a trip to wal-mart soon, and I absolutely dread it. I'm getting nauseous just thinking about it.

pmd said...

That moment defines magic.

Anna said...

pmd: I was BEYOND sweet. It was nice to just stop BE THANKFUL. :)