Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where Did I Find This Kid?

It's bedtime and my son is pleading pleading pleading for just one more thing. Just one more ice pop, just one bowl of ice cream, just one fruit roll up, just one more glass of milk. And of course he gets none of these things because I'm mean. And it's bedtime. And I've had enough. In a last ditch effort to get me to pay just a tiny bit more attention to him before he's finally willing to close his eyes for the night he tells me he loves me 101. One hundred and one...because 100 is the biggest number he knows, so 101 is just beyond big. So very sweet, this boy who has managed to be put in time out for rotten behavior and praised by a stranger for his impeccable manners all in the same day. And then he offered me cold hard cash to rub his feet. "I'll pay you, Mommy...I'll pay you actual money...real money to rub my feet, what do you say?" I said yes but I've yet to see the cash.


pmd said...

You guys are best buds.

Anna said...

pmd: A little bit. ;)