Monday, December 1, 2008


I guess it's probably no secret by now that my son watches (perhaps too much) Spongebob and a lot of zany yellow-sponge-related quotes make their way into the house, and maybe more importantly into our daily conversation. And I'm guilty of it, too. I yell BARNACLES! when I stub my toe or get a paper cut. Both of us say OH MY ACHIN' TENTACLES! when we're sore or tired. But a new quote has made it's way in and sort of got distorted over the course of a couple of days. What started out as "Oh fish paste!" somehow morphed into "Penis paste" (huh?) and then straight into just "PENIS!" Errrg.

So weren't we out shopping and the little darling was checking out Legos and just touching touching touching everything in the toy isle and big box of Star Wars Legos fell off the shelf. A lovely (albeit chatty) lady kept going on and on about which Lego set she would recommend for my child. Yeah...thanks lady, but I'm not dropping a hundred dollars on a Lego set aimed at kids 7 years old and up...three weeks before Christmas. Unless she would like to buy it for him, in which case, be my guest, any of them would be lovely, thanks! So, the box hits the floor and doesn't Lucas yell out "OH PENIS!" Let me tell you, it is a perfect way to get someone to leave you alone. That lady looked plain shocked, turned on her heel, and off she went. Now comes the hard part. Deprogramming a four year old. Someone give me a new catch phrase, quick! We need to nip this one in the bum before it sticks.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha "VAGINA!"

Anna said...

pisceshanna:'re a lot of help! ;) hehehe
I "VAGINA!" might stop them in their tracks even faster than "PENIS!"

singleworkingmommy said...

With O, I tried telling him he had the wrong word when he started spouting "a$$hole" I told him it was "bass pole," which wasn't nearly as fun so he stopped. Good thing, b/c a 2 year old saying bass pole isn't much better than the other one.

Maybe something that rhymes? "LEAVE US!" "BEAVIS"? Lol. Or you could just go back to Super Gum Doer. :)

pmd said...

I'm fond of "RATS!"