Thursday, December 11, 2008


I threw aside my slacker ways this evening and put up our tree. In true me fashion I decided I didn't have any place to put the tree without it getting in the way. So before I could get the tree up I first had to move a couch. And then another couch. And then all the toys that came tumbling out from underneath the couches when I moved them needed to be dusted off and put away. And then the carpet needed to be vacuumed, because gross! So basically, a hundred hours after I started putting up the tree we finally finished. After all that effort I might as well just leave it up until next year. It would really be so much easier.


liz said...

Let the festivities begin!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! The tree is up, the couches moved, toys found and put away and the carpet cleaned. You are all set till spring!! Enjoy the day.