Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Best Deals

I love a bargain. I can squeeze a nickel out of two pennies, I am that frugal. And I stumbled upon a couple of really good sales this week. Nothing makes me happier than buying something I really love for 80% off. Look at me...spending more money after Christmas. I am such a good consumer. Heh.

Anyhow, we have survived the holidays once again. Lucas was thrilled with all of his gifts and he kept exclaiming over and over and over "I must have been the best boy this year to get all of these gifts!" And he's right. He's been pretty darn good. Every gift he received from "Santa" that wasn't something he specifically wished for confused him, however. And he kept asking me time and time again, "How did Santa know I wanted this so bad when I didn't even wish for it?! Did you wish for this for me?" Not knowing what to say, I just agreed with him, so he told me that I'm the best mom he's ever had. He's made of mighty cute stuff, that one.

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