Saturday, August 18, 2007

Brought to You by the Number Five

Lucas has found himself a lucky number. His world revolves around the number five. He wants five yogurts, five ice pops, he takes five poops, if you don't mind me being a little graphic. He tells me "I need a new train-FIVE trains!" with all five fingers stretched out on his small hand. When he's asked how old he is he answers very seriously, "five" followed by "I'm a tiny big kid". That is exactly right. He is my tiny big kid, just 3 1/2 but all grown up, in big kid clothes and big kid shoes. Riding his bike and trying to skateboard. He tries to do everything the older kids do and go everywhere they go, and he gets mad when I tell him so, but he'll always be my baby...even when he's taller me, which should be any day now.


AuntMary said...

Loved your doh, Christmas??, not summer, and expecially FIVE!!!! Your tiny big kid is a gem! He sure is mastering language building at a record speed. Do you have a recipe for play doh? Cheap and fun to make if you are interested in some that I have.

Anonymous said...

Sam Dewey always asks for five crackers, five candies, five cars, etc. Weird!