Sunday, August 19, 2007

Too Tired to Hold My Head Up

I was exhausted before I ever even made it into work today...but that's okay...because I have all week off. Five glorious days of unending laziness and HGTV and's no wonder my pants don't fit.

Today was the baby shower that I made the yummy berry trifle for-last week. I was far too lazy and a bit too busy to make that again today, so instead I brought a lovely Parisian salad blend from leCostco. Fancy, I know...snicker if you must. In an effort to fancy it up a bit, I did serve it in the trifle bowl. Those folks at Costco know what they're was tasty. Anyway, Lucas was very well behaved at the party. He had a little issue on the way home because he didn't have gas and brake pedals in the back seat (to help with me my driving, as he clearly feels I am lacking in that department), but he got right over it by falling asleep. Just before he drifted off he announced, "I'm takin' a wittle weep...wake me up at Amma's, OK?!" OK.

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