Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sleep is for the Weak

So I got home from work this morning at 3:40am, was back up with Lucas at 7:00am, and puttered around my wreck of an apartment until 8:00am. (Seriously...I need to cleeeeean.) That's when I realized that my cell phone, my only phone, was not in my work bag. Grrr. I packed us both up and drove back to work this morning to see if I could find it. Would of been nice if I could have just called and asked someone instead of driving two towns away and parking in the garage that's the length of two football fields...but I didn't have a phone. Good news: I got my phone back. Slightly embarrassing news: Lucas was wonderful around my coworkers and my supervisors...manners and charm spot on. He did however decide to tell every person we passed on the way out that he had to pee, and one lovely old couple got the news that he also had to poop. Why???? Why does he do that to me? He walked straight up to a group of doctors rounding in the hospital and said "HI! I have to pee!" Super. Super Duper! They actually stopped and smiled at him, which is incredible, 'cause the docs around here won't let anyone interrupt rounds on a normal day. Ah, well...at least he's potty trained...during the day.

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pmd said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one to suffer this embarrassment.