Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Week Ahead...

I have the week off...again. I know, it does seem like I get to take a lot of time off, thank you for noticing! That's what happens when you stay at the same job for 12 years...vacation accumulates quickly! (I know, it is amazing that I could be just 25 years old and at the same job for 12 years...thank you for noticing! You in the back there...keep quiet!) ;-)

This is fair week...and while the bloom is definitely off the rose in terms of how wonderful I think the fair is...I do remember a time when I looked forward to it all summer, and I don't want to deprive Lucas of the joys of throwing all of your hard earned money at a bunch of carnies for the stellar prize of a dollar store bear, so off we go! My most fabulous friend Pam gave us a 10-day pass that includes parking, and since Lucas is still makes going to the fair a few times totally within our budget. Thanks, Pam! I'm trying to convince her to let me borrow her three year old for the day so that Lucas has a ride behind is decidedly too large for any ride that fits my son, and he's still not quite ready to ride on his own.

We'll post again next weekend...with many fried-dough-filled pictures to boot!


Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Banana,
I am so jealous that you got to go to the fair with all that wonderful food!!! Make sure to have a corndog for me. Miss you and Lucas

AuntMary said...

Hope you have had a terrific week and will have lots of photos so we can enjoy "your" vacation days with you!