Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Reason Why I Need to Write Things Down

My weekend. Most people look forward to the weekend. I sort of dread other people dread Mondays. It's my start of the work week, and I realize that I picked this schedule, because it really does work well for me, and by extension of course, Lucas. Having said that, everybody else in our life has weekends off, and plans all of the fun stuff on Saturdays, or Sundays (what's wrong with Wednesday, people!)...when I'm working 12 hour shifts. I still try and fit in the fun stuff, though, because otherwise we might never see some of our friends who work all week while he and I are home being lazy.

So...this weekend and next weekend we had parties to attend. Both on Sunday and both at 11am at the same house for completely different parties, one was a birthday, the other a baby shower. Well, because I have a tendency to not write anything down I spent Friday running all over town to get a baby shower gift with the money we pooled at work, pick gift wrap (have you ever tried to wrap a Kelty Kids Tour pack--um, yeah--super fun), get a card, bake a pound cake and hand pick blueberries at the local farm to make a berry trifle for the know...the shower that's not until NEXT Sunday. The shower that I didn't realize was not until next Sunday until I showed up for work yesterday...completely unprepared for the birthday party that I was taking my son to the next day. You know, after I get out of work at 3am and pretend to get some sleep...thank heavens for the gift closet because there was no way on earth I would've made a trip to the toy store before the birthday party...a big train set that I knew the kid would like because Lucas has the same one and he adores it. Bhaa! But that's OK...when I get home tonight (tomorrow morning really) I'm having me a big 'ole plate of homemade berry trifle! Oh...and the birthday was a blast!


AuntMary said...

Are you still in one piece after your busy weekend? I guess I'm surprised you made out so well after all the confusion!!! One bit of 'old-aunt' advice: Put notes on ONE calendar may get a little crowded but it's all in one place. (lesson learned from experience...say no more...) Hope that blueberry trifle was super delicious!

Anonymous said...

Miss Banana,
You know what would be really delicious? Chocolate cookie bars. mmmmmm