Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Every Kind of Gross

Our toilet overflowed today.

*Blech* *Barf* *Double Yuck*

And of course we don't own a plunger, so we made a quickie-quick trip to the hardware store where, LUCKY ME!, plungers were on sale. And since we were right across the street from the bank and the post office I decided to mail off my tax returns and do a little banking. Heh. Totally should have done those errands before purchasing the golden plunger. Lucas could not help himself from telling every person in line at all three places that our toilet had overflowed!, and also that it had poop! in it. Great! The fun part was when he regalled an old lady buying stamps with his story, but of course she was hard of hearing, and kept asking me to repeat what he said louder, so to the delight of all the other post office patrons I got to yell..."THAT'S RIGHT, LADY, OUR POOPY TOILET OVERFLOWED! ENJOY YOUR TEDDY BEAR STAMPS!" Geesh.

Luckily, the whole mess has been resolved, and we now own a very handy plunger with a bright yellow handle.


pmd said...

While howling with laughter just now, I think I may have peed my pants.

Kellan said...

What a funny story about the old lady - ACK!!!! Sorry that happened to you - but it is FUNNY! Glad you got it fixed. See you soon Anna - Kellan