Sunday, February 17, 2008


Anyone else humming the soundtrack to the movie Juno? No? Well you rocks. It's fun in that quirky that Lucas likes the beat and I like the lyrics. Fun for everyone, and my ears don't have to bleed from listening to his kiddie music for the 100 millionth hour in a row...yah!

I'm off to test drive a few cars tomorrow...Hello President's Day Sale!...what nice timing you have! Wish me luck.

Lucas and I have eaten our weight in homemade chex mix this weekend thanks to my friend Barb. I brought it in to work last night but the folks pounced so hard on the bag I decided to hide it away and not bring it back tonight. (It is a very big bag...but it's my very big bag.)

I am finally no longer sick with the pukey virus or a cold...maybe for the first time in 2008...and I want to go out and celebrate...but I don't want to be exposed to the germs of the world at I'm staying home...'cause I'm wild and crazy like that.


Kellan said...

I haven't seen Juno yet - but I WANT TO!! Good luck car hunting - how fun! ANd, I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better - that is great! Have a good Monday and find something fun to drive! See you soon Anna - Kellan

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping the car shopping went well today. Eager to hear!