Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, I did it. I bought Lucas a new(ish) Honda Civic for his 4th birthday...'cause I am the BEST MOMMY EVER! I have been jokingly promising him a new car for his birthday for almost an entire year, and today I came through. And for the record? This Civic...it doesn't squeal when you start it in the bitter cold, it doesn't chug-a-lug when you start it in the rain, and it doesn't go BOMP BOMP BOMP down a bumpy road...because it (and we) are now fancy! I shall never be able to top this gift, I'm afraid..but hey...we're driving in style now.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! A new car for Lucas' fourth birthday! Mommy kept her word-what more matters? What color is it?

serahrose said...

congrats! lucas is the luckiest kid ever. i didn't even get a car on my 16th birthday!