Saturday, February 23, 2008


Lucas had a little crush on our loan officer at the bank when we went in on Thursday. She was tall and thin and blond...and more than a little ditsy...everything a red blooded American boy would want in a mate. She smiled at him swinging his legs and drinking his water from a coffee cup with a sippy top. She laughed at his knock-knock jokes. If I dared to look away from her to anything else in the room, he would point right at me and then point at how dare I turn my attention from his true love to glance at a sign for low rate mortgages. How rude. How disrespectful! And when she left to go make copies he begged to go with her..."for just a teensy weensy minute?" I said no because I'm mean. When it was time to go he told her we were going to park our new silver car in the garage all the time, which is interesting since we don't have a garage...actually...nobody we know parks their car in a garage. It is a mystery to me how that boy's mind works.

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