Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crazy for Colorforms

I found these funny face Colorforms right before Christmas and got so excited...I used to LOVE Colorforms as a child...mine were just shapes though...nothing as fancy as funny purple-headed-singing-barber-shop-man Colorforms. Somehow, in the deluge of gifts on Christmas day, this one got forgotten...and he spied it in the bookcase while he was "helping" me clean. We ripped the wrapper off and dove right it, but playing by the rules was kind of a drag, so we chucked the spinner and just went to town. Apparently I am too uptight to just put body parts anywhere and my two (mostly out of the frame) are perfect (like the girl game piece had to have all the girlie pieces, and could not, under any circumstances sport, say, a mustache), totally ruining the point of the game, I think...but Luke's were just right...crazy and lopsided. He totally gets it.

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