Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Moment

The minute he turned from my three year old little baby to a big grownup boy of four.
(That's Cherry Chapstick all over his's a new obsession...and he continues to call it "papstick" no matter how many times I gently correct him.)


Anonymous said...

FOUR=ah-h-h-h-h-h! Terrific photo!

pmd said...

In the ten years I have known you, that is the most beautiful picture of you I have EVER seen! If it were me, I'd have it enlarged, framed and ready to post by my bed at the nursing home some day.

serahrose said...

so beautiful! happy birthday big guy! (A__ LOVES chapstick too! of course, she can't say it yet, so she calls it "taptick" and i only give her plain because she would totally eat the flavored kind.)

Anna said...

Thanks! I took the picture myself by holding the camera in air and hoping some part of us made it into the shot...also?...I think it might be time to try some teeth bleaching...(it's all that diet pepsi) ;-)