Saturday, March 15, 2008

Glad It's Over.

Yesterday kind of sucked. Lucas was in a R.O.T.T.E.N. mood. Is there anyway to make that more of a statement? Because, truly, that does not really sum up our day. Maybe type it in RED or make everything ITALIC! It was really quite a miserable 13 hours filled with healthy doses of whiiiiiining and crying about everything including, but not limited to: People looking at him, touching him, ruffling his hair, dogs in same zip code as he was, having his ice cream melt after several warnings that ice cream does not last forever (Something he obviously already knows.), dogs that dared to bark within a 200 mile radius of his precious self, did I mention that someone looked at him? Oh. My. Gracious. I love him, I do, but I would have gladly sold him to the gypsies for a dollar yesterday (and then felt a little guilty for overcharging).

I finally snapped at him on the drive home from a friend's house that he was not to speak again until we got home. When we got inside I sent him upstairs to use the bathroom and wash his hands before dinner and he snapped back..."You can't talk to me like that 'cause I'm a NEPHEW!" Uh, what? Yeah...he went on to tell me that Uncle Ben doesn't snap at him like that and either does Grandma, and being the mature adult that I am I told him that they didn't have to spend the whole day with him, today, so there. Nice, I know.

We did make up over dinner and I rubbed his feet until he fell asleep, but let me tell you, I almost cried tears of joy as I watched his eye lids flutter shut and I knew that the day was finally over.


Kellan said...

Well - there are going to be those days, for sure! Sorry he was a little toot - I'm glad you made up - I love that Lucas!!

Thanks for coming by. Hope you are having a good weekend and I'll see you soon. Kellan

Anonymous said...

I am constantly anazed at his grasp of language-not just the words but how and when he uses them. Sounds like a boy who is growing...needs more 'sleep balance' even when he doesn't think so. Bet he loved that foot rub-a family tradition??