Sunday, March 2, 2008

Birthday Dinner

"Hoctopus Dog" recipe stolen from Chris, (although she loved her kids enough to make the mac-n-cheese from scratch and Lucas had to suffer with the stuff from a box...forgive had been a looooong day), but his theory is the oranger the it was all good. To be honest, he wasn't thrilled with the hot dog...he acted a bit appalled that I would even set it upon his macaroni, so it had to be moved to his napkin. He insisted I replace it with a "regular" hot dog, so I cut it into a zillion little pieces when he wasn't looking and gave it back to him, and of course he gobbled it right up. Where is his sense of adventure, I ask you?

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Anonymous said...

Now I know where you got the idea and all along I thought you were so creative. The kids loved these!