Sunday, March 23, 2008

The View From Three Feet

Happy Easter!

If you were wondering if my alarm went off this morning, it didn't. If you were wondering if I woke up in a timely fashion on my own, I did not. If you wondering if I broke a glass bottle at the convenience store that sells my favorite fountain soda in a GINORMOUS cup this morning, I did indeed. (I might never be able to show my face there ever again...and the only other store around here that sells fountain soda in cups that big doesn't have their mix quite right and it tastes funny...which, if you know me in person, is absolutely tragic.) Thank you for inquiring. My Easter is off to a stellar start. Luckily, all I had to do today was wake up, dress myself, and eat ham until my blue jeans felt too tight...and I did eventually do all three.

On to topics much more fun...Lucas and his camera. We shall be showcasing his work here on occasion, starting today. Some of the pictures might make sense to you and some may not...but he is choosing the picture that gets it's any one's guess. And now....drum roll please...the first installment of...The View From Three Feet.
Also...I got my butt kicked in Guitar Hero today, which was crushing to my ego. I might have been heard yelling "THE BABY JESUS DOESN'T LIKE A CHEATER, BEN!!!" to my poor brother, although, to be fair, it's not his fault he beat me just because he gets to practice all the time. Anyway...hope you are all having a lovely day and Happy Easter.

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Anonymous said...

Now I've got it!! The gumball machine at Gramma's house.... ah-h-h-h!