Monday, March 3, 2008

To You on Your 4th Birthday

Oh, my sweet kid. There is so much that I'm thankful for in you. You made me a mother, for starters, and although you surprised me four years ago with the whole "It's a Boy!" thing, I think we have done well together as a team of two.

I love that you are so thankful for the things around you, and that you remind me every day how much you love your bed, your toys, your apron, your books, your buddies.

I love that you and your Grandmother are the very best of friends.

I love that you are bright and engaging and funny.

I love that you delight in telling the most ridiculous knock-knock jokes that positively crack you up and even though they're not all necessarily funny on their own, hearing your belly laugh can crack up anyone in the room.

I love that you consider yourself trilingual and that you and your Grandmother have a secret alien language that only you two get and that you are adamant that counting to ten in Spanish goes a little something like this: "Nicco, dos, nicco, dos, nicco, dos, nicco, dos, nicco, dos!" Even though I try to gently remind you that each number on the way to ten is actually different and unique and important, just as it is in English, you nod your head like your placating me and when my little speech is done you patiently start over "teaching" me the "right" way.

I love that you would rather watch the Food Network than the Disney Channel.

I love that you spell M-O-M on everything from your chalkboard to your Leapster and you come to show me over and over to remind me that you can spell, and you can read.

I'm thankful that you're still addicted to trains after all the money your Grandmother and I have poured into that far you show no signs of being bored...which is good considering we spent your college fund getting you to where you are now in brightly colored wooden and plastic Thomas trains.

I love that you ask me every day if I need a rest and then run to the kitchen to warm up the heating pad for me and put it on my feet. (Seriously...that alone makes you a winner in my book, buddy!)

I love the person you are turning out to be and I can't wait to see what the future holds in store for us. Happy Birthday, honey.


pmd said...

Ok, tears spilling down my cheeks. That is beautiful. You've definately done everything right. xoxo pmd

Kellan said...

Oh, this was beautiful Anna! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy - he is truly a gift and I loved hearing all these special things about him. I hope he has the best Birthday ever! Kellan

Susan said...

I think 4 was my favorite year. Hope it is a wonderful one for the two of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet!! You're such a great Mama! You both are very lucky to have each other. :)