Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Pretty Little Babies...

I've done it! Me...with my little black thumb...has actually managed to grow something! AND IT'S EDIBLE! I KNOW! I'M EXCITED TOO! Oh, those pretty little tomatoes are going to taste so good in some pasta with a bit of fresh mozzarella...yummmmmm.

(And that storm we got that was supposed to be a tornado? It was certainly like nothing we ever get to see...but no tornado. It was, however, CREEPY and full of hail and clouds as solid as a brick wall. Weird...but no tornado.)


Kellan said...

So glad no tornados! And your tomatoes are lovely and just in time - seeing how they are hard to come by in the stores - at least here.

Have a good Sunday - see you soon. Kellan

Ms. Single Mama said...

I am growing tomatoes too! They start out as little yellow florets, right? I hope, because that's what just started sprouting on mine. CAN'T wait!!! And, I'll be eating mine with mozzarella too.

Ms. Single Mama