Saturday, June 21, 2008

So Much for Our "Summer of Fitness" earlier in the year I decided that this summer would be the "Summer of Fitness" for me and the kid. This means we play outdoors from morning 'til night, we eat healthier foods and in general, we just get off our collective butts. Trust me...we could both use it. Riiiiight. That's going swimmingly, Lucas knows every episode of Spongebob by heart, and I have at least a few new dimples in my behind.

Which brings me to my point. I was at a scrub sale at a local hotel, and I pulled a pair of pants off the rack and saw that there appeared to be a pregnancy belly band where the draw string should be. I wondered out loud about how comfy these maternity pants would be and the saleslady came right over and told me, No, these were NEW! And NOT MATERNITY! I was so very excited that I bought them on the spot. Scrubs are not supposed to be form fitted anyway, so the fact that I now own a pair of baggy scrub pants with a stretchy waist band might be dangerous. Everyone hide your potato chips.

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Kellan said...

I know - I know - I know!!!! Me too! Me and Alexis, too!!

Hope you are having a good weekend - Kellan