Saturday, June 7, 2008


What's better than Ben & Jerry's ice cream? FREE Ben & Jerry's ice cream, that's what! We stopped at the plant on the way to an antique/consignment store yesterday in the pouring rain, and when I went to pay for all of our ice creamy goodness, the sweet little boy (full grown man in his early twenties?) behind the counter told me that the credit card machine was down, and so the ice cream was on the house! YUM! My strawberry cheesecake in a sugar cone was pure heaven, thanks to that kid.

And I drove all that way to the antique store and left empty handed...I'm very disappointed in myself. I can usually find a way to spend my money no matter where I go...must be losing my touch.

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Kellan said...

Yes - free ice cream is a delight!!

Hope you are having a good weekend - Kellan