Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yeah...I know it's only Sunday...BUT I HAVE THE WHOLE NEXT WEEK OFF SO IT'S FRIDAY TO ME! Wahoooo! Uh...sorry, was that too loud? My fault...all that excitement is hard to contain, you know. And I need it, too. My home is a wreck. I need some industrial size trash bags and a pickup truck to set it right. Especially the basement...anybody need a dryer? Granted, the heating element doesn't work, but it still spins 'round and 'round! *wink* That spare (broken) dryer is one of many things that will find it's way to the dump this week. It will feel so much nicer when all the clutter is gone.

Anybody got any fun summer plans I could steal for my own? I took every other week off this summer to spend some quality summertime fun with the kid and now I need to fill all of those hours with stuff for us to do before we get on each other's nerves and I sell him to the ice cream man for a chocolate cone.


Kellan said...

I'm not the person to ask - I'm that lazy mom that doesn't get off her lazy butt to do fun things with her kids - remember. You could try the zoo, the library, movies, go for icecream, the park, go for walks - have fun! Have a wonderful week! Kellan

Melissa Chapman said...

Hi Anna,

I loved reading your post- and since you've got some free time on your hands this week- I would love for you to check out (I'm the family editor) and let me know if you'd like to guest blog or be a guest columnist for us. I think your humor and wit about single parenting strikes at the very heart of what being a single mom is all about!

Hope to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

The week off? What fun is in the air!! When I have a block of time off, I make JUST ONE resolution for each day, then I don't get overwhelmed with all there is that I could be doing. Try it! Day after tomorrow is July 1 - Rabbit! Rabbit!

Talk to you soon! ILYOMTYCESx2-AM

Single Working Mommy said...

Oh wow!! Have a great time. You took every other week off? You are awesome!!!

Things to do... hmmm... I have no idea where you live, so these ideas might sound utterly stupid, but here are some of the things we've been doing:

Water parks/pools--Son LOVES 'em.
Parks/walking/hiking/watching the skateboarders
Playing in our backyard.

OK, um, those weren't great suggestions, where they? How about this: Go to Moe's! :)

Anonymous said...

You have every other week off this summer??? WOW!! You could come to NY to visit......and go to TARGET & COLDSTONE. wink wink


Anna said...

Ohhhh! Coldstone! I miss Coldstone, maybe almost as much as they miss me! How was camping?

Anonymous said...

ENJOY this week off!

I know that I, personally, have to make mini-goals for myself if I expect to get anything done. I am too tempted to just head to the beach or the pool or coldstone and then then end of the week rolls around and I haven't done a single thing around the house. But perhaps you are more disciplined than I am!

I know that my four-year-old would be thrilled if I took a week off and took him down to the creek every day and let him wade and throw rocks. That is his idea of the best time ever.

Have fun with Lucas - Get out and enjoy summer!!!!!!!!!!!!