Sunday, June 8, 2008

Feels Like a Milestone to Me...

We got invited to go to the drive-in on Wednesday night. I was super excited just at the idea of going to the drive-in since I haven't been there in years. I mean, between working full time (and then some) and being a single mother of a baby (and then a toddler), when exactly do you get to do things like go to the drive-in? (Don't get me wrong...I did love his time as an infant...mostly.) But then after the invite, I started thinking. This is it. I've done it. I've made it through. The idea of going to the drive-in sounds like more fun than work. I'm over the hump of baby hood...and even over the hump of toddler hood. My child speaks in full sentences, uses the bathroom facilities appropriately, sleeps through the night, sings along to his favorite songs on the radio, rides a bike and loves to discuss the menu with our waitstaff when we go out to eat. If I could only get him to buckle his own seat belt, my job on this earth might be done. *wink*

The invite just got me excited, is all...we have some seriously fun things in store for that he's no longer a baby...YEAH!

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Anonymous said...

Funny, everyone else I know is lamenting the loss of "baby time."

We single moms have a different way of looking at it though, don't we? We spend ALL our time with them, so we don't have to worry we missed anything!