Saturday, July 12, 2008

'Bout Time

We finally had a nice day...not so hot that it could wilt the grass, not too cold for shorts...perfect. He hopped on his trike and I strapped on my camera and we were off.
We had kids shrieking at the tops of their lungs and chasing bubbles straight into the next town trying for the chance to pop one...the darn breeze is your mortal enemy if you're under three feet.
Rocking the tricycle...and yes I know he's big enough to ride a bike (and then some) but he prefers his trike. He told me he'll try riding his bike again when he's six. I very much doubt he'll still fit on it's little frame by then, but whatever.
And it's always more fun to ride when you're getting chased by a buddy!
Pooped out after a day of fun...drinking water...not like me (who guzzled diet Pepsi all the way home. What?! Diet Pepsi is TOTALLY part of a healthy diet...and no one can tell me different.)


Single Working Mommy said...

When he's six. LOVE IT!

Glad you had a nice day--weather and otherwise.

Unfortunately, it was 90 degrees and muggy here. Waterpark was where we spent the day!

Kellan said...

So glad you both had such a great day! Have a good Sunday too! Kellan

Anonymous said...

Terrific photos! What a perfect summer day for two of my favorite people!
That bubble picture is prize-winning. PLEASE get a print of it!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

I love Diet Pepsi! And great photos.