Friday, July 4, 2008

Motherly Advice...Misunderstood

We were driving down the road today and Lucas saw a guy drive by on a motorcycle.

Him: Hey! When I grow up I'm gonna drive a motorcycle! No wait! No wait, no wait! When I grow up I'm gonna ride a skateboard!

Me: Really? Because I think you'd pick up more chicks on a motorcycle.

Him: (Long pause) Why would I want to do that? Pick up chicks on a motorcycle? I don't even like chicken!

Ahhh...someday he'll appreciate all of my good advice...maybe when he's seven or eight. Four seems a bit young.

In other news...I got to do a guest blog for Single Minded Women! Exciting and fancy!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Guest Blogger! How nice to have your creative writing skills so appreciated!

I'm with Lucas...I don't even like chicken, either!

pmd said...

I'm with you! We want our boys to be popular with chicks. After all, we all want grandchildren someday.

pmd said...

Whoa. Read your guest blog. Way cool! Lets check two off on your in, camping. Let's talk this week!