Monday, July 7, 2008

Too Hot

I know we wait all winter for summer to finally grace us with it's presence, but this is ridiculous. I can't live in this kind of heat. I just get sweaty and grouchy and all of my clothes stick to me and the kid wants to climb all over me...and, and, and. Bah! Not fun. It was 92 degrees today and it was literally too hot to go outside without melting into a sad puddle of goo. We New Englander's do not fair well in this soupy hot mess...or maybe it's just me.

Because of the heat, we stayed inside today next to the air conditioner like the sane people do. Which was fine for the first couple of hours, until we both got bored. Or, maybe I should say, until Lucas got bored and I got treated to an hour's long string of "look at meeeeeee's!" and "watch what I can dooooooooooooooooos!" I can only say "that's AMAZING, HONEY!" just so many times when all he's doing is jumping from one foot to another or spinning a circle. It was almost a treat to get to go to work. Except to go to work I had to step outside of my house...did I mention the heat????

I shouldn't complain...the move where he layed on his side with his feet in the air really was quite amazing.


Kellan said...

You are so cute - so funny!

It's hot here too, btw - and now rain to speak of for months - we are scorching! I do love the heat, though.

Take care and stay cool - Kellan

Anonymous said...

I spent the majority of my childhood summers in Vermont in streams, lakes, ponds, rivers, puddles, basically any body of water I could find. Sprinklers and slip n slides were also a hit. Good Luck and I feel your pain!

Anna said...

Kellan: I wouldn't last a day in your neck of the woods! ;-)

pisceshanna: Thank you!! All I needed was a little sympathy! ;-)

SingleWorkingMommy said...

Ugh. I feel you. I contemplated actualling going in Son's little pool fully dressed the other day.

Hilarious post.

Anonymous said...

Ug, it's sweltering here too. We do short little stints outside during the day and it just seems to drain all of us. (Toddlers too)

pmd said...

Look at you AB! Fans and comments up the wazoo! Awesome!

Anna said...

Pam! What on earth are you doing still awake?! ;-) Date night not over yet, huh? *wink wink*