Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Know What I Love?

Good friends with nice pools!

Lucas can be, how shall I say this politely...afraid of his own shadow, at times. This, of course, extends to the swimming pool. He has many lovely qualities, that boy of mine, but grace in the water is not one of them. I have tried a dozen different "flotation devices" to help him get accustomed to the water. I use air quotes for the words "flotation" and "device" because he continues to sink like a stone no mater what sort of inflatable thing I strap to his body. But I have finally found a winner! And it cost me all of a dollar at the Christmas Tree Shop. Wish I'd found it prior to buying the expensive swim suit, or the life jacket, or the arm floaties. Oh well...today I had the pleasure of watching him swim BY HIMSELF which is ever so much more fun than walking him in circles around the pool while he tries to climb up my side like a tree monkey. We might be able to check "learn to swim" of our list of things to do this summer if it keeps up!

1 comment:

BlueBella said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you found something to help your little man find confidence and fun in the water . . . now just what is it you found at the Christmas Tree store for such purposes??? :)