Saturday, July 19, 2008

Like Totally

Totally is the word of the week. "Like, that is so totally totally cool!" is something that I've been hearing A LOT from my four year old. I would blame this on my fifteen year old brother, but honestly, he finds nothing on the planet cool right now, simply by virtue of being a fifteen year old guy. So instead I shall blame the Disney channel...'cause I can guarantee that I do not walk around say things like "totally cool".

Anyway...we spent the day at the park yesterday despite the temperature and it went a little something like this:
This was the only support beam at the park where the wording was made me start to wonder what else in the structure was built upside down or incorrectly. But I had a cold diet Pepsi in my hand and a good book to read so I let it go.
He is the picture of happiness...playing hide and seek with me is so TOTALLY fun when he is the person seeking...

And so TOTALLY NOT FUN when he is sought out before he's ready.


Ms. Single Mama said...

OMG! THat is hysterical. Poor kid. So funny. Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for reading my blog and for your nice comments.

Anna said...

Ms. Single Mama: Thank you! I added you to my blog roll after reading one post on your blog...YOU HAD ME AT HELLO!

Sorry...I'm such a geek.