Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who Knew?

We had some buddies over today! Some four year old buddies and some not-quite-yet-two year old buddies...to the tune of five kids running through our apartment playing and chasing and generally having a grand 'ole time. And I realized something. Five kids wouldn't be so bad. (Don't read anything into that, Aunt Mary...I know your heart has only just recovered! I'm not secretly yearning for four more children!) But I can completely see why some people do. They not only entertain each other, but they all genuinely like to play with trains and video games and water tables (unlike me who gets so over it after just the littlest while), and the more I thought about it...it seemed like less work. I know there would be more dishes and laundry and bath times, but the in-between-times must be pretty sweet. Although I'm not sure I could afford keep them all in ice pops...we were flying through the ice pops at record speeds. Good times! ;-)


Kellan said...

Hi Anna - You know I have four and you are right about this! I often have my neice and nephew here as well and welcome them as they play with my kids and they all get along.

Hope you are doing well - so good to see you. Wish you had been there with me at BlogHer - I think we would have been great friends - as we are now!

Take care - Kellan

Anonymous said...

You're right about a lot of it. (I only have two)..but the toughest part for me was when my second was a baby. I imagined it would be twice the work. NOT TRUE. I was floored by how much that second baby changes things (and by changes things - I mean turns them on their head). But once you get past that baby stage, it is easier in so many respects. And lovely.

Anonymous said...

lol I was just pondering the same concept, now that LB has befriended a 6 yr old neighbor kid. They entertained each other ALL MORNING! IT was awesome!