Monday, May 7, 2007

Ernie and Bert!

I got home from work today at the lovely hour of 3:30am...which wouldn't have been so bad if my dear, sweet son hadn't been wide awake for the day at 6:00am. Did I mention he didn't take a nap? Surely I mentioned nap. And while he is usually very accommodating and lets me sleep on the couch during his lineup of morning Disney channel shows, today was no such day.

Even still, it is hard to be cross with a pants-less boy even when your soooooo tired. Lucas spent most of the morning in just an old, comfy t-shirt that used to be Ben's. It makes the potty training process so much easier when he doesn't have to struggle to peel off pants and unders before he has an accident. We've only used a handful of diapers for naps and bedtime in the last week. It's hard to believe he might actually be completely potty trained in the near future, although I'm not sure the day will ever come when I don't pack a spare pair of pants in the trunk! Also, we jokingly nicknamed his cute little bare buns Ernie and Bert today...I know some of you will remember another pair of buns with that same nickname! :-)


pmd said...

I was told once that Ernie and Bert were homosexual icons. Sorry Aunt Mary!

AuntMary said...

Of course I remember Errnie-Bert! How Grandpa Raymond would laugh at your ingenuity! You brought a smile to my face with this precious memory! Thanks!