Monday, May 28, 2007

Question and Answer Time

Question: If you accidentally drop a stick of deodorant into a flushing toilet and it gets stuck in the bend of the porcelain and not even a toilet snake and/or a plunger can get it out, how much will it cost you?

Answer: $225.00 and one very irate property manager.


liven1day@atime said...

hahaha! That is funny. I'm sure it wasn't funny @ the time it happened but it is what it is, right? Your son is adorable and Lucas is such a great name. I wish you the best with your bundle of joy. Take Care :)

AuntMary said...

Reminds me of Uncle Jack when he was Lucas' age and LOVED watching things swirl down the flushing toilet. Popsicle sticks were a favorite and they didn't like the bend in the porcelain either! Maybe there's a family connection?