Monday, May 21, 2007

We Can't Be Late

So... I overslept a play date this morning and Lucas and I were like, an hour late, which is a bummer because he was really looking forward to seeing his buddies. I made the mistake of telling Lucas to "hurry, hurry, hurry, we're going to be late!" The entire ride 25 minute ride was filled with Luke's worried little voice from the back seat..."you have to hurry, my fwends are waiting, I can't be late!" (He's a worrier like his Grandma.... *wink* )

We got to the "fwends" house and he jumps out of car and starts yelling..."I'm here boys, it's me Lucas!" But, then gets inside the condo and sort of whines about everything, especially sharing.
But then demands to go home (when everyone was going home) and gets to the car and starts to cry because he doesn't want to leave his buddies. And people wonder why I'm always a little bit exhausted!

Good thing he's so darn cute!

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AuntMary said...

I guess I've learned that "If I'm going to be late, skip it!" Being late is tooooo much for me, as it seems to be for Lucas. I'm with him on this one, but admire his Mom who TRIED to make a play date happen!