Sunday, May 6, 2007

He's Ready for Hollywood

I know that Luke watches his Disney Cars movie a lot, but my little Spielberg can now act out and direct just about every scene from the movie. Today Ben and I chased and got chased around the lilac bush at Grandma's while Lucas bossed us around...I mean...directed the action. He was Lightening McQueen, Ben was Tow Mater and I was lucky enough to be Frank (not a prime role). I ran around trying to catch them both while Lucas tipped over the plastic Adirondack chairs making moo-ing noises (you would have to watch the me, the scene is just exactly like that.) Who says kids who watch too much television are couch potatoes...I couldn't catch either one!

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AuntMary said...

In my youth you ran around a mulberry bush...way before Disney's CARS. Sound like the end result was the same-lots of action and laughter! What a fun Sunday for the Mama, the Uncle and the Lucas!