Monday, May 14, 2007

Stinky Work

I have to be at work by 3pm. That means that by 1:30pm, I need to physically be in the shower, or have already taken a shower, to be to work on time. It takes me that long. I don't do anything special to get ready...I even wear scrubs which takes all the guess work out of getting dressed, but we still always manage to be in a terrible rush from 1:30pm until I fly through the doors of the hospital at 3:00pm. Every day as I throw together Luke's backpack and my dinner, I tell him..."hurry, hurry, hurry...Mommy has to go to stinky work, and you have to go Grandma's!" It's a chant he hears four days a week. On the way to Grandma's today to drop him off he fell asleep. I carried him into the living room and layed him on the couch, and he opened his sweet little eyes and said..."Go to stinky work, PLEASE!" And then he rolled over and fell back asleep. It's good to know he's going to miss me.

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AuntMary said...

Sounds like Lucas finally got a good sleep and hopefully that will help him feel better. Poor mama-off to sticky work again! Won't he laugh about this one day? I mailed a package to your mom today-something in there for Lucas, too!