Sunday, May 20, 2007

He Does Love Me

Usually he doesn't miss me at all when I leave...he actually demands that I go to work even on my days off, but today when I told him to get ready for Grandma's, he latched on to me and said over and over..."I'm gonna miss you all monin' Mommy" All morning! He does love me!


pmd said...

Of course he loves you! He's got the coolest Mommy EVER! I'm certain Sam Dewey is always asking to go to Lucas's house is partly because of Lucas's Mommy! Just look at his eyes in that picture, he is his Mama's son.

AuntMary said...

I like the hands on the trains while posing! He is changing so much and I'm grateful for the frequent photos. He sure resembles a little one who used to live on Church Street!!!
Graduation is over and life takes on a better pace...for a while!