Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

So even though he has a fever, and burning pink cheeks, and a runny nose, and a cough, and a scratchy throat...Luke gave me a lovely Mother's Day present (Yankee candle with plate and topper) and a lovely bunch of hugs and kisses. Also, he made made me laugh stomping around the house in both striped pj bottoms and shorts demanding that I wipe his nose, 'cause he's siiiiiiick! Poor boy, guess that means no breakfast in bed for me! ;-)

We gave Grandma a pair of these...And also a pair of these...

Because we love to give Grandma gifts every once in a while...she does mean the world to us!

Happy Mother's Day...from us to you!

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AuntMary said...

PJ's and shorts-the layered look! Thanks for sharing your Mother's Day greetings. I think I got one of those flying hugs and kisses right off the computer! Hoping with a special prayer for Lucas to get better quickly.