Saturday, October 6, 2007

Because I'm Me...

Instead of going to the post office on any one of the beautiful days we've had this week...beautiful 80 degree days in New England in October...I insist on going to the post office today, while it's POURING! 'Cause it's more fun that go in the rain. Every time a break in the downpour would happen I'd hurry Lucas into his raincoat! and boots! and umbrella! It doesn't matter that we park our car two feet from the front door, it requires full monsoon gear for him to leave the house in the rain now that he has his own umbrella. And then he'd have to pee. Or the phone would ring. And then the rain would pour down again and I'd decide to wait a second, but we finally got there, and Lucas was of course chatty as always. He had a lovely conversation with the Post Office Lady while I had to tear apart the little box I'd packed everything in, because their box was cheaper...which is my favorite price...cheaper.

On the way home we got to see three helicopters, which is unusual, even though we live near an airport, so Lucas was happy. It had stopped raining by the time I pulled into the driveway but he still insisted on using his umbrella (or raincoat, as he kept calling it) and he got inside and shrugged everything off at the door and sighed a big sigh. "I'm a'hausted from my big day!" Which is funny...because going to the post office was the only thing we did today, but I felt the same way.

Oh! And we're almost over our colds. But we still feel a little yucky. ;-)

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AuntMary said...

Being out in a warm rain is one of the best outdoor things to do! I can almost picture Lucas in full 'monsoon' gear and it makes me smile. Glad you two had that advenure together, even though it was 'hausting!!!!