Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Haven't Seen My Kid Much...But I'm Well Rested!

Well, yesterday I got ready for work, showered, cooked dinner, packed dinner, packed my work bag, put Lucas in the tub, packed his overnight bag, dropped him off at Grandma's house and headed off to work. It wasn't until I had walked into the hospital from the parking garage (approximately three miles) and tried to sign in that I realized my name wasn't on the sign-in sheet. In fact, it wasn't on the daily assignment sheets, either. How odd, you may ask? Why yes, it is odd that I would go through all of that on a day that I had requested off several months ago! Ghaaaa! I went to work on my DAY OFF! Who does that? I have GOT to start writing things down! The reason I had asked for the day off was because I was invited to a Halloween party. If you are now thinking that I probably had no costume planned since I was dumb enough to go to work would be right! I called my poor mother on the way back out to the parking garage and I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes, because my brain might be addled but my sense of humor is spot on!

I put together a rather funny costume if I do say so myself...a deviled egg, if you must know...and although many people at the party confused me for a devilish bunny (what? I was not wearing ears) I still had a great time. And since I knew Lucas was sleeping over at my mother's, I left the party early and went home to bed! Because I am both wild and crazy like that!

In other news, when I picked Lucas up this morning, he came at me super excited and started squealing, "I CAN SPELL, I CAN SPELL!" He and my mom had worked on his letters and he spelled M-O-M all by himself. It was a GIANT M and a teeny-tiny o and another GIANT M. I got all weepy when I saw it, I'm thinking about putting it in a frame, because I am cheesy like that.


Kellan said...

This was hysterical! I can't quite imagine a deviled egg - but if you say it was cool - I'll believe it was cool. I can't believe you went to work on your day off - so funny - the whole thing. And the MOM - definately frame it! See ya.

Heidi said...

Deviled egg is really creative. And yes, I too have gone to work on my day off. Sad. And yes, you must frame that piece of history. Melt you heart.

AuntMary said...

Frame it! Frame it! (and put the date on the back in the corner-a Raymond must-do).