Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oh Darn!

I have the BEST pictures to post here...pumpkin carving and fallen leaf piles and little guys on skateboards...but alas, my camera and cord are not in the same place so no pictures tonight. Definitely tomorrow.

Luke and I attended a super fun pumpkin carving party last night, where the other party guests were treated to nice long run-on sentences from my boy. Also, the hostess promised to burn me a song for Lucas, Leanne Rimes' "Nothin' Better to Do", as that is his new "favwit" song. I told him she was going to send him home with a copy and he was so excited. He has been asking perfect strangers this week, "You got nuthin' better a do?", meaning do they have his favorite song...but that's not really how it comes it's nice to finally have it on hand to play whenever he'd like.

Also, he was so very polite during the party, which me very happy. Also, we are kick-ass pumpkin carvers, as I'm sure you will all agree when you see the pictures!

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