Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Playdates Are Fun

My little guy had a buddy over today...a friend he's been talking about all week. He was so excited to have him come over this morning that he stood in the open door saying, "I think I see them" over and over...in just his pajama top. It wasn't until he saw their red van pull into the driveway that he realized he had no pants on and went shrieking through the apartment to find some bottoms.

They scampered off to play and they got along so well and at some point they disappeared upstairs to explore in Luke's room. There was no yelling or crying or arguing so we let them be, my friend and I, and continued watching HGTV and talking about, well, everything. After a bit, I hear my son say he has to use the bathroom so I went upstairs to make sure everything was going okay, and what do you suppose I find? My son and his friend standing at the sink brushing their teeth... because they are wild and crazy like that, and when left to their own devices they will practice good oral hygiene. WACKY! How will I ever reign him in as a teen?

It seemed like they had just arrived and then it was already time to go, and his buddy Sam didn't want to leave. While Sam's mom buckled his sister into the car, I called to Sam to come downstairs and Lucas had a fit. He threw his arms wide at the top of the stairs and yelled down, "If you take him you have to go through me first!" Which I have to say, made me laugh...until he started crying...and then kept crying for next hour, which definitely wiped that smile right off my face.

But he had a good time, and he appreciates his friends, and we can't wait to have them over again, although next time I might send him right out the door with them!


Kellan said...

This was so funny - thanks for the laugh.

pmd said...

Anna, the more you write the better it gets. Great post! As soon as we can swing it, I want to sit on your couch all day watching HGTV and let those two practice good oral hygiene while Mae explores (tears apart) your house. Loved it, yes it was too short.