Saturday, April 12, 2008

Home Again...*UPDATED*

Our trip to Target went well...with a couple of big highlights:

Lucas puked EVERYWHERE in the back of my friend Jenn's very fancy minivan...and then Jenn had an actual heart attack and fell to the ground and we had to call an ambulance to revive her. Kidding. But she did scream..."OHMYGODMYVAAAAAAAN!!!" while my poor kid was covering himself in his own vomit and trying really hard to catch his breath. Which I thought was quite thoughtful of her! (We love you Jenn!) (I'm not a total loser...I did pay to have to have it professionally cleaned...after she informed me that Lysol wipes were not gonna cut it!) I guess we have different levels of clean...and hers doesn't involve the car smelling like some kid's vomit all summer...crazy, I know.
***edited to add: And it was FUNNY, and I do not mean for anybody to be OFFENDED. And if the tables were turned, I too, would think about the car upholstery versus a kid that can easily be thrown in a tub. The end.***

The second, of course, was my trip to Target. Oh, how I wish I had one near me. And an IKEA. And a Coldstone. And Panera. On the other hand, all of those places would probably lose their appeal if they were readily available to me on a daily basis. And I'd be broke and in a dairy coma, so you's all for the best.

I think the greatest part for Lucas was Thursday. That child spent the better part of the day outside, barefoot, chasing kids around her huge backyard. Unsupervised. And not in that I'm not paying attention to my kid kind of way...but the their safe and fenced in and let's just let them play and be kids without getting all up their face demanding that they share and use good manners kind of the good 'ole days. I'm not sure he's ever been happier. Or more exhausted. I put his poor little self in the car at 5:15pm and by 5:20pm he was out cold...for the night! Which meant that I didn't have to drive home for 2.5 hours listening to the Naked Brother's Band crone on and on about how much they don't wanna go to school...heaven, I tell was heaven!

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