Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Make a List. Check.

I am sitting here writing out a list of things to do tomorrow, and it's already longer than I have hours in the day, but still, my list writing is not done. If the length of this list wasn't my own fault, I might feel a little grumpy, but as I exercise extreme laziness for long stretches, the universe demands that it will eventually all catch up to me. You know...the day before my company arrives. Truth be told, I won't get half of it done...and I won't feel bad about the other half because I'm just not wired that way. If I don't get around to scrubbing the tub before people arrive at my doorstep and expect to bathe in it, the sky won't fall. (Hi Jenn! Sorry...my tub might be dirty! But I'll have plenty of toilet paper...and really? Isn't that more important? I thought so!)

Lucas is excited about my list because I have assigned him the task of checking each thing off as we complete it. Wish us luck, as we shall need it.


Anonymous said...

First thing I will be doing is an inspection! haha! No worries Anna!

Anna said...

Good! 'Cause I have a tub of Lysol wipes with your name on 'em!