Saturday, August 16, 2008

Passing the Torch...and the Popcorn

So, I've been away for a week, and I have SO MUCH bloggy reading to catch up on...and I have to say...I've MISSED you ladies!

Anyway. We had a lovely guest this week and she was super excited to watch the Olympics. Honestly, I could take it or leave it in previous years. Something about being a single mama perhaps. I mean, we're running that marathon every day and yet, where's our gold medal? But this year, with a friend who was excited about the Olympics, Lucas and I got hooked on everything Beijing was dishing out.

Can I start with my four year old's interest in this year's games? He would pick a team for each competition to cheer for, and it was rarely an American team. Take, for instance, a beach volleyball match up where he continually called the 6ft tall amazonians playing for Norway his "girls". "My girls are doing so good", he'd say. "I sure do like my girl's red bikinis...I'm sure they're gonna win...'cause my girl's are CHAMPIONS!"

His excitement about his "girls" was outdone only by my fascination with Michael Phelps. I mean, come on...that kid is a fish. He has a 6-foot-7-inch wingspan. Let that sink in for a second. His wingspan is three inches longer than his height. Of course he wins every race...he's perfectly tailored to cut through the water like a knife. Also, the fact that he is so accomplished at these Olympics but was born in 1985 makes me feel like a very old lady.

I did put down the popcorn bowl long enough to make Lucas his very own gold reads "CHAMPION LUCAS" and it hangs on a pale blue ribbon...and if I thought he might appreciate my gesture he corrected me by saying, "If I'm the champion...that means you 'woozed!" Love the team spirit, son.


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm not good enough for you to blog about?? I'm gonna go cry now......

Anna said...

Calling you my "lovely guest" was not enough, huh?? We are all about your privacy and anonymity here at My Life With Lucas. You're welcome! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was not your lovely guest....but I was there a week ago. The olympics started when I was visiting you and you had no interest, remember?


Anna said...

Opps! Sorry Jenn! We've had a lot of lovely people stay over in the past few weeks! ;-) Leave a name next time...jeesh!