Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rough Bunch

My son is covered in mosquito bites (of which he is allergic, doncha' know) and I, once again, have tweaked my neck. I also have the next 5 days off. I have offered him a nice long list of fun activities we can do together this week, most of which involve napping, because DUDE, MY NECK HURTS! Hope all you lovely ladies are having a nice weekend...and if any of you have any suggestions for fun things to do this week (that don't involve napping but can also be done with a very swollen child) please pass 'em along!


Anonymous said...

I HIGHLY recommend napping and having a phone call from a favorite aunt this week. Seriously, you both could use some quality sleep time; how about camping in the living room with lots of imagination and a quilt near by? I might even try to join you!!

Anonymous said...

Aww man what a bummer of a way to spend your days off! I hope you both feel better, and Old School Sesame Street has been an awesome investment for those on-the-couch days.